The Return of the Diner

As I write this, I find myself still trying to recover from this past weekend’s Norwescon, a four day celebration of all that is fantasy and science fiction, held annually in Seattle. It’s not physical recovery of which I speak, but mental, perhaps even emotional, recovery. Norwescon offers an enormous variety of panels, many on the craft of writing. I found myself motivated and intimidated and defeated by listening to writers who so boldly blaze the path I myself want to walk. I left Norwescon with equal measures of inspiration and depression, so much so that I coined a new word out of it. Depresspiration: Simultaneous feelings of exultant hope and imminent failure that create a state of emotional paralysis. 

There is a recipe for self-sabotage in my life, all of which stems from the typical ingredients of self-doubt, procrastination, and poor prioritizing. So, for me, re-starting Virgil’s Diner is an attempt to re-write that recipe and try a few new ingredients like confidence and time management. What is the new Virgil’s Diner going to look like? For the most part, this is going to be a journey, a silly journey, but a journey nonetheless, through my mind, my career, and my city. Part of my problem has been spreading myself out too thin and thus accomplishing nothing. Now I’m going to bring all my disparate interests under one chaotic roof, like Full House, only starring the Manson family. Posts will fall under three categories (to start):

Musings: I’m obsessed with pop culture (and culture-culture too) and here’s where I’ll write about comic books and horror and Shakespeare and you-get-the-idea.

Odd Seattle: I had originally started this as a separate website. And that was after another version called Through a City, Geekly. (Remember what I said about self-sabotage?) Anyway, I’ll occasionally write about the weird and wonderful things that happen in Seattle. My big dream is to turn this into a television series, but that’s just another example of depresspiration in my life.

Current Projects: I guess I’ll also occasionally update on the big writing projects, like Good Gracie Knight. GGK is a multi-platform story that’s just starting to come together. You can read some of the early first flash fiction pieces by clicking on the link. And should anything actually get published, I’ll promote that here, too.

And there may be more… but I’m going to try to keep in manageable for now. The goal is to post at least once a week. I’m putting that in writing so that I might stick to it this time. There’s that confidence again…

Thanks for reading!

BC Gorham